Ayurvastra is a branch of ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine that dates back thousands of years. This tradition uses the natural medicinal teachings of Ayurveda and applies them to dying natural plant based fabrics. It is one of Indias lost treasures.

The yellow fabric is hand spun and woven certified organic cotton that has been dyed using Tumeric and Pomegranate.  Tumeric is known for its antibacterial properties and helps fight against many diseases and pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant. These are only the base ingredients used to get the bold yellow, there are many other herbs, seeds, plant material, minerals and oils used for the entire process, all of which have their own unique properties. The pink colour base is made from Madder and Sea Salt.

India has always been renowned for its wide variety of colourful textiles. The Vedas, (ancient Indian scriptures) refer to tinctorial properties of many of the herbs used in the dyeing process. 

Hannah Mitchell