I landed on the golden shores of Talalla Beach a few days after touching down in Sri Lanka and fell instantly in love with the place. The people of this beautiful village are incredibly warm, welcoming, cheeky and full of personality. The beach is like a little lost paradise where fishermen jump in the outriggers at dawn to pull in the catch of the day. Every morning at this time the sky is painted all shades of red, orange, pink and purple. Its Magic. The waves are lovely and gentle, too small to surf at this time of year, but you can jump in a tuk-tuk and head over to Horseshoe Bay to get a good ride. As soon as you step off Talalla Beach you find yourself wandering up cobblestone streets full of amazing little concrete houses, each with their own bright and beautiful colour scheme.  It is the most incredible place to be based while exploring the batik and lace of Matara in the South of Sri Lanka. 

Hannah Mitchell