I never thought I would say this so soon but I actually miss this crazy beautiful city. Over the last 2 months spent in India I passed through Delhi 3 times, it was not until the third time I was able to see past the crowds, pollution, dust, heat and noise and find the incredible colourful beauty in this city.

I think that is the secret to India...finding the beauty in amongst all the noise and haste. 

 Above are images of the market streets and the amazing spices, fruits, herbs and pan (a mix of chewable stimulants wrapped in beetle leaf).  The dried flowers are used in Ayurvedic medican and herbal fabric dying, the many types of Tumeric are a huge part of the natural dye tradition as well as cooking of course. The smell of chilli as you walk past the overflowing sacks tickles your nostrils and makes you sneeze but if you are a chili lover your in heaven. The spice baazar was definately one of my favorite parts of Delhi. 

Hannah Mitchell