It has been completely surreal going from the hot, dusty desert streets to the fresh, peaceful Himalayan mountains. 

The last 2 weeks have been spent tucked away in a little guest house above the village of Bagshunang. This town is a little Oasis and a great place to reflect and have a break from the heat of Gujarat and Rajasthan. I managed to get some designing done as well as taking a break from the fabric hunt and enjoying this splendid valley and the mountain range above.

 We hiked up to the Glacier at the base of the Inharah Pass, there is magic here! The fields of wild flowers are stunning during these summer months and the slow moving low lying clouds make the whole mountain range mysterious. We passed by a group of goat farmers grinding mountain salt on the rocks while their herds grazed near by. On the way back from the Glacier we startled three Himalayan vultures as well as some very fluffy looking snow monkeys. A magical place, I am very inspired to come back and explore further north.

Below is bustling village of McCloud Gange, Tibetan Monks wander by as you approach the Dalai Lama Temple. The prayer wheels constantly spin and the humming prayers are enchanting.

Its been far to short.........but its now time to go back to the desert for one last round of searching and learning the art of block printing around the city of Jaipur, one of the most famous block printing areas in India.     



Hannah Mitchell