Deep in the heart of Maheshwar lies a beautiful campus where women from all over Central India are empowered through education and employment in their craft of weaving. 'Women Weave' is a charitable trust established in 2003 and has supported the role of women in handloom weaving since its inception. 'Women Weave' is working toward making handloom a profitable, fulfilling and sustainable livelyhood particularly for women in rural areas of India. Their products are unique, yarns are hand spun from organic cottons, dyed with 100% natural dyes and loomed with delicate care.


Many of the weaving artisans have young children who are provided day care while their mothers are at work.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet all of these wonderful talented women and choose a range of stunning fabrics which are featured in the AW18 collection. This collection 'Taking Time' was inspired by Maheshwari artisans and the slow meditative movement of the hand loom.

Hannah Mitchell