Murphy and Ziggy

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Murphy and her beautiful daughter Ziggy Magic in their gorgeous little beach house tucked away down the Mornington Peninsula.

Murph has been in the fashion industry since she was a girl, growing up around her Mum's stunning clothing store in Sorrento. Debs Boutique has been open since 1979 offering their customers the most beautiful selection of brands from across the globe.

Murph and Deb now run two stores together Debs Boutique and Naturally Debs. We chat to Murph about the fashion industry, lifestyle and motherhood.


Tell us about your role at Debs Boutique….

Ha! Where do I start.... As you know it’s hard to define a role in a small business. In a nutshell, I do buying, merchandising, admin, book keeping, work in-store, manage in-store, and I am currently working with our e-com girl to get the online store cranking. 

You have a range of ethical and sustainable clothing brands across both stores, tell us about your views on sustainable fashion…..

I truly believe that sustainable fashion is the way of the future. Generation Y is so much more aware of it, and it’s so important to make a change for our generations still to come. I read somewhere recently that 76% of Generation Y are happy to pay more for something if they know it is ethical and sustainable. I think that sums it up pretty well!


Did you always know you wanted to be in fashion? How did you get into the role you are in now?

Not at all, I actually always said I didn’t want to be in Fashion at all. After school I studied styling for a short stint, hoping to focus on editorial or interiors but decided uni wasn’t for me at all! I ended up working for Mum until I found what I really wanted, but I never left!


You do two international buying trips a year along with other national appointments; tell us about juggling your buying role and travelling with motherhood….

Zig has always been a dream to travel with. I think it helps that we have consistently traveled since she was a few months old. We are finding it harder and harder now she is a toddler and being dragged to showrooms for hours on end is not fair on her. Last trip to Paris we took her Dad, Zac, which made it all so much easier. As for next trip, who knows what will happen! I am finding this toddler age changes by the week!


Any tips for new Mums juggling their work and motherhood?

The juggle struggle is real! Accept that it won’t be how it was pre-babes. Go with the flow, trust your gut, allow time to slow down and just be when you need it (generally when you feel like you can’t have a second to yourself!) 


Tell us about Ziggy’s name, what does it mean to you and Zac?

It was actually about 5th on our list, but as soon as we saw her we knew it suited her the best. I recently found out that apparently it means Victory and Protection. Sounds about right for her! As for her middle name, Magic, it was my Dads nickname, and we just thought ‘Ziggy Magic’ made a pretty cool name! 


What is your favourite thing to do with Ziggy?

Play in the garden! Zig is such an outside girl, she loves exploring for bugs. 

What they don’t tell you about motherhood?

I think they actually tell you way too much. I think mums are too unsure of themselves these days as we’re constantly told everything, so you should turn off the side comments and turn on your instincts. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure since motherhood?

Nope, but maybe I should get one? 

What is your absolute favourite thing about being a Mum?

The ability to see more joys in small moments. 


Thank you so much for your time and having us in your beautiful little home xx

Hannah Mitchell