ALCANA began with a dream to incorporate artisan textiles into contemporary fashion design, providing fair income for traditional skilled artisans and their communities while weaving their beautiful stories into our lives through environmentally conscious and ethical clothing. My interest in textiles, costume and fashion design began at an early age, learning to sew my own clothes while growing up on our family farm in Nelson, New Zealand. This passion grew during my high school years and led me to study Fashion Design at Massey University in Wellington.


After my degree I embarked on a new adventure and found myself wandering through Latin America from Argentina to Mexico over a year. This fuelled my interest and passion for traditional artisan textiles and slow simple living, it was way back then that the idea for ALCANA was born. 


Photo: Vitoria Dahara Photogpraphy

Photo: Vitoria Dahara Photogpraphy

 It was in 2016 I found my deep love for India after spending 3 months wandering across the desert visiting artisan villages and learning about their ancient art of weaving, block printing and natural dye. The name ALCANA came about during a stop over In Indonesia on the way back from India, while visiting a family-run natural dye farm. ALCANA comes from ‘Alkanette Tinctoria’, the scientific name for a root which has been used in plant dye for many centuries across the globe. 

Many years after the first sparks of inspiration during the journey through Latin America,  ALCANA has come to life. The brand is an extension of my beliefs and journey; it is a way to bring positive change into the fashion world by supporting the wellbeing of our planet while telling the story of culture and identity through ancient traditional techniques.


Thank you for joining me on this journey and supporting ALCANA.

Hannah xxx